Ava Louise (Rutgers Alum) Licks Toilet Seat For “Coronavirus Challenge”

The woman in question here is Ava Louise. She is known for her appearance on Dr. Phil, where she said she’d rather die hot than live ugly:

Recently, she was wrapped up in a cheating situation with Lana Rhoades BF:

But to really break down why she licked that toilet seat you don’t have to look any further than the university she attended: Rutgers.

It makes sense now, right?

All jokes aside, I don’t think the Coronavirus challenge is a real thing on TikTok. Ava did this for attention and I’m giving it to her. Why? Well, one, she is hot. And two, I thought it was funny that she pulled her hair back as she licked the toilet seat. God forbid your hair gets messed up while you are licking a toilet seat!