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Man Makes Worst Decision Ever Cheating On Lana Rhodes With Dr. Phil Star Ava Louise

This fella Mike Majlak had life made. A member of Logan Paul's Impaulsive crew, Majlak has almost 650k followers on Instagram and did the unthinkable: locked up porn star Lana Rhodes. After being introduced to Lana by Logan for his birthday:

As we all know, fame is a drug. If you overuse it, you may find yourself doing something you regret and boy did Mike Majlak do something he most likely regrets (I assume).

While dating Lana Rhodes, I guess Mr. Majlak started to talk with Ava Louise. You probably have no idea who that is, that's fine. I didn't know until today. Louise was a Rutgers student that gained a little bit of a following on Instagram after her Dr. Phil interview, where she claimed "I'd rather die hot than live ugly" which is an awesome tagline for an Instagram model:

She currently has over 100k followers on Instagram:

Now that we all know who is who, let's dive into the story (I'm assuming you know Lana Rhodes, because….yeah, you definitely know who she is). 

It started Saturday night when Lana Rhodes tweeted this out:

To which Ava Louise responded:

Which made this tweet make a lot of sense:

It appears that this incident of cheating happened outside of a club? 

Louise than responded:

Absolutely love this self-awareness from Ava Loise. I chuckled. 

Texts started to come out:

Absolutely unbelievable move by Mike to say "she waited in the sewer drain and jumped me" about the girl who you supposedly cheated with on Lana Rhodes. 

As I'm getting to this point in the blog, I'm realizing this whole thing seems very staged if we are being honest. I don't blame these three because they did have me intrigued for a little bit. 

If it was staged I would give them credit. It was a long con according to the tweet above (if that isn't photoshopped. It's like pro wrestling has moved from the WWE to YouTube. Although, it is very believable. This is these people's job. Logan and Jake Paul have manufactured beef and drama before. What's stopping these three from doing the same? Nothing.