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Jeopardy Returns Tonight With The 3rd Best Champion Ever and STILL No Host

Didn't know Jeopardy had that kind of hype-up trailer in their arsenal. Ready to run through a brick wall after that over a nightly trivia show. Wow

Football is back. Survivor is back next Wednesday. And Jeopardy is back tonight. It's going to be a great fall if you're a middle aged father of two or Tommy Smokes. 

The last new episode of Jeopardy aired on Friday August 13th with Joe Buck as the guest host, and since then, there has been a ton of controversy in the Jeopardy world. Executive producer Mike Richards basically named himself host after a months long search. Then the cancel mob came out in full force and dug up old jokes he made on a podcast 8 years ago. He got canned from the hosting gig. That wasn't enough. So he then got canned from the EP gig too. 

That ALSO wasn't enough. As the Internet mob then went after Mayim Bialik too, who was named as the secondary host of spinoff shows and special events. She ultimately didn't get cancelled though and she'll be the host for tonight's episode before another new cycle of guest hosts begins. 

But despite all this controversy, it's just nice to have new Jeopardy back on our screens tonight. It's especially nice because we get to resume Matt Amodio's historic run. It feels like forever ago, but Matt is back to reclaim his throne tonight. He has won 18 games in a row for a total of $574,801 which is third all time, only trailing Jeopardy legends Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer. 

You may remember Matt for his annoying habit of saying "what's ___" for every single answer instead of "who is" or even "what is." Fans get super annoyed with him over that, but he's said in interviews that it's a strategy for him so I respect it. When you're that good, you need to have some unconventional methods. I'm going to keep rooting for him every single night because it's a fun run to watch. When someone gets on a streak like this, you just have to hop on the bandwagon. 

I will say it's pretty impressive how good Jeopardy has been at staying in the news cycle lately. It certainly hasn't all been positive, but it does feel like it's getting more buzz than it has in a long time. Matt's run has helped and so has all the guest host drama. It can't go on forever, but fans arguing over who the best pick for the job is has undeniably made for good social chatter and kept the show in the news cycle. I wonder if that's part of why they want to keep that going instead of just naming a different permanent host. 

Whatever the case may be, I'll have ass plopped down on my couch tonight watching as I cheer on Matt and track my correct answers. Any night I can hit 20 or more is a huge success.