Mike Richards Has Stepped Down From Hosting Jeopardy Before His First Official Show


Well that has gotta be the quickest game show host tenure of all time. Mike Richards, since naming himself host of Jeopardy, hosted a grand total of 0 episodes of Jeopardy. His resignation comes on the heals of some questionable jokes he made on a podcast 8 years ago which people didn't take too kindly to




It seems like you have 2 choices in this day and age:

1) Apologize and step down 


2) Apologize and everyone forgets about it in a week


I am not saying his jokes were in good taste


As first reported by The Ringer, Richards hosted a podcast from 2013 to 2014 called The Randumb Show, billed as a behind-the-scenes look at The Price Is Right, on which he previously served as executive producer. During one segment, his cohost and former assistant Beth Triffon discussed working as a model at the CES and he dubbed her a “booth ho,” “booth slut” and “boothstitute.”

In another episode, Richards discusses a photo of Triffon and her friends, calling her friends “really frumpy and overweight” and said “they all look terrible in the picture…they look fat and not good in the picture.”


But it's not like he was fired. He resigned. And call me crazy, but I'll take some scrutiny for jokes I made a decade ago in exchange for a $20 million paycheck for hosting a game show.

But alas, he has stepped away as to not bring shame to the great game of Jeopardy. Which is commendable I guess. He's certainly more of a samurai than I could ever be. 

So the search continues. Hopefully it's not that Big Bang Theory girl. Didn't love the cut of her jib. Give it to LeVar Burton. He's the man.



PS: The best part of his statement is "I was deeply honored to be asked to host" when he asked himself and named himself host. Like, he was the guy in charge of finding the host, he realized there was a ton of money in hosting so he gave himself the job, and now he has quit before day 1. Hope he still pays himself for the season anyway.