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QCP vs. Chef Donny Will Prove Once And For All Whether TikTok Muscles Are Worth A Damn


RnR 15 already had 1 of the strongest cards in history with Pacman vs Lights Out but now after some *chefs kiss* primo shit talk on social media last week, Chef Donny vs QCP is officially ON like crème fraîche Donkey Kong. 

Truthfully I like this matchup better than Bryce Hall or some other wiggle dicker because this already has some real bad blood attached to it, along with actual pride on the line too. WHO is gonna end up the #1 internet chef still standing on August 27th? Is QCP gonna fly in his 8 million TikTok followers to Charleston to sway the West Virginia crowd? Will that Friday night be the season finale of Die Trying for Chef Donny? DO horses wear horse socks? We’ll find out all that and more later this month. 

I know Billy has been training with Donny for weeks and helping him get in the winning mindset (granted we do have a morality clause for every main event now so there won’t be any 5 second handouts this time) and I would say I’m worried for Donny… but he’s also an absolute maniac who jumps out of planes and climbs random buildings at night just for fun, so he should be just fine. 

QCP is clearly no slouch in the weight room and looks like a 6'1'' 180 lb brick shithouse but his boxing skills and the rest of his background is very unknown. Either way that last Friday in August is going to be an amazing night for the Barstool office and every Stoolie out there rooting for a Chef Donny W. 

Because 1 thing we can all agree on? FUCK the wiggledickers (except Josh Richards who we love endlessly) and every fraud Italian out there (except any interns in HQ3 who get forced into attending Famiglia Note at Borrellis) so in closing, LFG GO CHEF DONNY!

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