That Saucy Minx Diane Sawyer Is DTF Ted Lasso


Fuck yeah Diane Sawyer you saucy minx!!! Get some!!!! Nothing better than a 75 year old woman who knows what she wants when she sees it. I've never been more jealous. She basically said, in so many words, that  she wants to *redacted* Ted's *redacted* until he *redacted* in her *redacted*. 

And furthermore, why can't Jason Sudeikis and Diane Sawyer date in real life? I mean she's the logical next step. From Olivia Wilde to Keeley Hazell, to the mountaintop that is Diane Sawyer. Every boy's dream. We all grew up thinking if only we could get a sniff of Diane Sawyer's hair. And imagine the desperate texts Olivia would be sending Jason if she found out he was shaking up with Sexpot Sawyer? Unanswered messages like you read about.

And if they can't make it work in real life, we know there will be a Diane Sawyer cameo in season 3. That's the biggest layup of all time. 

For now though, if you haven't checked out the show, I recommend it. I didn't love season 1 quite as much as the rest of the internet (I gave it 8.2 Nateys), but it's still a very enjoyable show. And S2 E1 was fantastic, so I have a very optimistic feeling this season will be even better than the last.