In Appreciation Of Keeley Hazell


Keeley Hazell was before her time. Before there were Instagram models, there were magazines, literal printed magazines, called "lads mags" where young women of great attractiveness would pose, and us here at Barstool would post them in all their glory. Those magazines included "Loaded", "Nuts", "ZOO" and "FHM". And Keeley Hazell, for my money, was the MVP of them. 


She was Alexis Ren before Alexis Ren. She was the Emily Ratajakowski of her days. But sadly, there was no Instagram at the time. Keeley, and other models like Lucy Pinder



Holly Peers



and this gif


were mainstays of Barstoolsports from 2013-2017 or so, before the IG takeover. 

So imagine my shock when I finally started watched Ted Lasso a few days ago. I wanted to binge season 1 before season 2 dropped. And I see this girl, and I'm historically terrible with recognizing faces, but I knew she was someone I should know. And so I paused it and did a quick Google search, and low and behold, it's none other than Keeley Hazell. I couldn't believe it, and was further stunned when I saw she only has 177k Instagram followers. In a different time table, she has 10 million. She walked so Lindsay Pelas (she of 8.4 million followers) could run. 

So thank you, Keeley, for putting in the work so the next generation wouldn't have to. And congrats on the success of Ted Lasso. Good show.