The Indianapolis Colts' New 1956 "Throwbacks" Are A Spit In The Face To Johnny Unitas And Anyone Who Wore The Original Jersey


The whole "Indianapolis stole the Colts" thing is a bit of a tired storyline and it's been nearly 40 years since the Mayflower vans packed up and moved in the middle of the night. Baltimore's had its own great new football franchise for 25 years now with a level of success that few can parallel. We love the Ravens and everyone around here has pretty much moved on.

But that doesn't mean we've forgotten. And this right here is beyond reproach. To even call it a "throwback" is a joke in itself. Pam showing Creed two of the same pictures like you read about. You've got the two Colts logos on the back of the helmet instead of the number and that's about it. It's the same fucking uniform. So to go out and claim these things as "throwbacks" is an extremely lame clout-chasing move by the Colts.

Which is exactly what makes it so disgusting. They've got a pretty ho hum football team over there, so they're turning to guys like Unitas and Berry to try to profit off of. Those guys fucking DESPISED the Irsays and any association anyone tried to make with them and a city they never played for. Mr. Unitas could not have been more clear about it before passing away in 2002. From the Baltimore Sun in 1999:


"I have nothing to do with Indianapolis and resent any reference to have ever been a part of a city where I never played a game," said John Unitas. It's a position that can't be challenged. "Can't someone make the NFL realize how offensive this is to all of us players to be linked to Indianapolis and not to the football city of our heritage?"

Unitas can't understand why the Indianapolis club continues to use its press guide to extol Baltimore Colts in the Hall of Fame. He knows he can't put a stop to such references but believes it to be unfair, kind of a fantasy -- truly inventing a past that never existed.

Mr. Unitas even went to the extent of placing photos of Bob Irsay in the urinals of his restaurant here in Baltimore for people to piss on. The hate ran that deep. So I can't sit idly by and condone this nonsense from the Colts. I mean DeForest Buckner and the Golden Arm in the same sentence? Get the fuck outta here. Really lame effort to make a cheap buck. If Jim Irsay had any balls they’d wear these in Week 5   on Monday Night Football in Baltimore so they’d face the music but they won’t. So I guess I’ll just hope the Bucs run the Colts out of their own building on November 28th.