Conor McGregor to Dustin Poirier: "Your Wife Wants To See The Hair Around My Dick And Balls Bro"

I mean - don't say I didn't try to warn ya! 

Conor said "No more Mr. Nice Guy" after he felt Dustin Poirier attacked his character over the whole charity hullabaloo back in April (which I've written about HERE and HEREand he meant it. Left the kids and wife at home and plans on putting Poirier out on a stretcher Saturday night....

After a HEATED press conference/face-off, which marked the first time McGregor and Poirier were in a room together since Abu Dhabi....



….the trash talk just kept going. 

Poirier posted a photo of him and his wife entering the T-Mobile Arena, playfully captioned, "Me and the hubby walking into the press conference" after Conor declared him "Jolie's wife", and McGregor responded with a screen recording showing that Jolie's message request to him was, in fact, legitimate…..

Dustin then took a stab at McGregor's supposedly thinning hair (fake news, champ has thick, full hair)….

….and McGregor went over the top with it, stating, "Your wife wants to see the hair around my dick and balls bro".


Conor McGregor broke Dustin Poirier mentally before their first fight in 2014, and then didn't even try to rattle him before their rematch in January. He played Mr Nice Guy, plugged his hot sauce for him, all of that nonsense - but now he's back to the mental warfare game.

He's just gonna repeatedly bring up Dustin Poirier's wife in attempt to make him a little emotional on Saturday. Conor wants Dustin to want to knock Conor out. You follow me there? He wants to be such an asshole that Poirier diverts from his gameplan (which likely involves some wrestling as he shot for a takedown in 20 seconds last time) and tries to stand and bang with him - and it's worked in the past, so who knows….maybe there's some magic left in the tank. 

I think the momentum is certain in our favor after the Davey Fox parlay cashed its first half….

P.S. Interview with Uncle Dana tomorrow….