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Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier Get Into A HUGE Fight Online Over Unpaid Charity Donations, McGregor Says The July Bout Is OFF

Last night, while I was having the time of my life at WrestleMania, not worrying about Conor McGregor getting himself into seems Conor McGregor kinda sorta mighta gotten himself into some trouble.

Dustin Poirier fired off a tweet letting everyone know that Conor McGregor/his team have still NOT donated the $500,000 they promised to Dustin's charity: 'The Good Fight Foundation', before the bout in January, and haven't even responded to them for months. This is following the viral video of Poirier's wife thanking McGregor and everything - it was a very big deal publicly.

NOT a good look for my guy - obviously.

Conor fired back saying that money was a "donation, not a debt" (which felt a little weird in this very moment) and that he wanted to know how the money would be used before giving it over. 

Fair point from McGregor - many foundations DO misuse funds - but maaan, ghosting Poirier's team after the loss still isn't explained there....unless the McGregor camp asked how the funds would be used over and over and never got a clear answer? 

Now we're just making assumptions tho.

Conor then pointed out that his generosity is well known - and it is. He's an insanely charitable man and often times doesn't publicize his donations to good causes, possibly even causing for some to be unaware of it. He threatened Dustin at the end of that tweet, as you see above, and then I guess McGregor just snapped....

Conor McGregor doesn't take the smearing of his name lightly, and according to him, the fight on July 10th is OFF because of all this. He also went off on Poirier here, calling him an inbred hillbilly fool. He seems pissed that Poirier would assume the $500,000 donation without "having a plan in place" for the money, and chalked it up to being "new to money".

Poirier responded with a GIF of him knocking Conor out, and Conor fired back a picture of him knocking Poirier out, and it was left at that. Thanks for letting me have a peaceful WrestleMania, boys!

Personally, I always thought MMA was great because when you had a dispute like this, and you hate someone so much you start talkin like this, you could then tell your boss you wanna punch them in the face and he'll make it happen. Conor choosing to not even give Poirier any more shine and fight somebody else is instead, though, is….certainly interesting. People will say he's running scared for sure, and who knows how he'll take to THAT smearing of his name.

If I had to guess, Conor McGregor WILL fight Dustin Poirier on July 10th despite this declaration that he won't, and the build will be full of animosity sparked by this. I also still think Poirier's gonna get that donation from McGregor at some point.