Dave Grohl Once Walked In On His Mom Drinking Beers With Green Day

(Story about Dave's mom starts at 5:28)

Dave Grohl co-hosted The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for a whole episode this week, and told this funny little story about his mom going on tour with him after she retired, where basically - Dave told her, "I don't wanna see you do that lame ass retiree shit like going on cruises, get on the tour bus!" - and she listened! 

He mentioned that after the Foo Fighters would wrap up on-stage, he'd frantically go looking for his mom to make sure she was alright/being taken care of, and she'd be fine, "drinking beers with Green Day" or somethin. It seemed like a random comment, I don't even know if that's a true story or not (especially considering Billie Joe has been tryna be sober for a while now), but it made me laugh and it's a bit of a juice headline so I went with it. I thought the whole clip about his relationship to his mom was funny, though.

They've got a show on Paramount+ called "From Cradle To Stage" talking about what it's like to raise a rockstar, and they included a hilarious clip from it in the above embed where Dave's mother just still can't believe the damage Nirvana would cause to their instruments/equipment.

Hey - that's punk rock. Sometimes moms don't understand.

Bonus Green Day/Nirvana Cover....