I Hate To Say This But Gary Neville Is The Hero The Soccer World Needs Right Now, As He Tears Into The European Super League On TV

I absolutely HATED this guy as a player but as a pundit, he is phenomenal and this was his master piece. Instead of providing his usual post game analysis, he used the time to shit on the European Super League and he's spot on. I think he speaks on behalf of every soccer fan out there. It's disgusting and I've never felt more betrayed by my team. Arsenal cant even make it into the top 4 yet we going to be one of the founding members of this Super League. What a joke. 

And this is what its all about. A lot of money to split amongst fewer teams. The clash between economic gains and football culture was inevitable 

How do we save the beautiful game as we know it? I think its on FIFA and UEFA to lead the charge. With the kind of money this league has, public outrage is manageable. FIFA threatening to ban the players from representing their national teams, is a good start. More pressure needs to be applied because it sounds like this thing is a go. Troopz and I talk about this in more detail on  Episode 53 of Back Again. Make sure you give that a listen and subscribe to the youtube channel