Meghan Markle's Lunatic Father Resurfaces To Shit On His Daughter After The Oprah Interview


Source - Thomas Markle says his daughter's mental health struggles were partly her fault, because she chose to ghost the family that could have helped her -- her own family.

Markle appeared Tuesday on "Good Morning Britain" and responded to Meghan's harsh comments about him during the Oprah interview ... in particular his decision to work with the tabloids as a roll-up to her wedding.

Thomas says he's apologized for that over and over, and then went on the offensive ... saying Meghan's psychological problems and loneliness could have been averted if she would have reached out to her family instead of shutting them out of her life.

The Video:

Fuckkkkkkk this guy. Seriously. Who goes on a talk show to shit on their own daughter? It was funny when he was challenging Harry to duels back in the day, but now it's just sad. The entire British press has been running a smear campaign against Meghan and Harry that you can read about here. Long story short they're not handling things well because they got exposed for what they really are- trash. I'm not one of these people that blindly defends the Royals either, I've made fun of them in the past, I just feel bad for these two. Granted I'd still like to be them…

but the amount of control the institution has over their lives has to be suffocating. The whole thing is ridiculous and I'm already sick of hearing about it. That said, it is wild to think about the fact that Meghan's dad is doing a press tour from his house in Mexico just to shit on his daughter for quitting her job as the Princess of England. What a world. Hopefully they can repair their relationship but I think it's past the point of no return. Oh well. Best of luck to the both of them!