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As Expected, The British Tabloids Are Handling The Oprah/Meghan/Harry Interview In A Super Mature Way

I think we all knew that the British Tabloids were going to have a field day with this interview. While it exposed a lot of the ins and outs of the Palace, "the British media" is still the #1 guilty party in ALL of this. The reason Meghan and Harry wanted to leave, what the entire family fears, the frenzy that Harry claims is trapping his family. It's all the media. Naturally, they continue to be scumbags about everything. Here are the headlines on Daily Mail UK today, and a few from The Sun UK:

It's really comical how petty they are. Their use of quotation marks, the constant dismissal of Meghan's feelings, it's absurd. "Race-victim." "Courage." "Hypocrisy." Piers Morgan acting like they just made up a story out of thin air to take down the Monarchy. Like it's all some kind of political agenda, and Meghan Markle, B/C list actress from LA is the one who's decided she's going to dismantle hundreds of years of "tradition" and just "make things up." But now we have the UK Media calling not only Meghan a liar, but HARRY? What's even crazier is that there are people in England who really, truly believe these tabloids. They're going around calling Meghan a race baiter! PUBLICLY! As of 9pm London time today, the interview is finally showing on cable news. They were the last to have it broadcast, I'm sure TONS of people watched it through a VPN before now, but I can't imagine anyone who watches that interview in its entirety could think Meghan and Harry are full of shit.