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Lets Rate Jose Canseco's Slide Into The DMs Of An RnR Fighter/Ring Girl After Last Night's Weigh In

Not that I'm breaking any news here, but the interview with Jose Canseco on Pardon My Take today was phenomenal. Jake Marsh blogged the ins and outs here, including my favorite part where PFT asks Canseco about his disapproval of reproducing with Madonna. You can watch that moment in the second slide above. After Canseco goes full dudes rock and explains how he produces super kids because he is a superhuman, Big Cat asks him if he is a boobs or ass guy. Canseco hits us with the "legs and ass" answer, but what the video above doesn't show you is what Canseco said next...

Canseco obviously had his eyes on this ring girl named Kacey, who is pulling the double shift tonight as a ring girl AND a fighter. Canseco was so into Kacey that he slid into her DMs after the interview:

Not a bad slide by Canseco. I give it a 6.3/10. As he said, he is a big ass guy and I suspect Kacey is his type....more so than Madonna ever was:

As I mentioned earlier, Kacey is doing the unthinkable tonight, being a fighter AND a ring girl. This was after she debuted as a ring girl at Rough n Rowdy 13. You have to respect the grind. Hot Wheelz will be taking on Lady Wolf! A great fight on the undercard. Can't wait.