The Jose Canseco Interview On Pardon My Take Got INTENSE

It is FIGHT NIGHT! After weeks and weeks of hype, promotion, and storylines, the wait is finally over. At 8 PM ET tonight, our own Billy Football steps into the ring with former baseball player Jose Canseco. Yes, that is a real sentence.

Go to to witness the action LIVE this evening. 180 seconds for glory. Thousands of dollars on the line. Can Billy pull it off? We sure hope so. 

Ahead of tonight's fight, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed Billy's opponent to today's show. And let's just say it was a bit of a different interview than what all of you AWL's are used to. The topics included:

- Steroids (duh)

- Alex Rodriguez

- Billy Football

- One of the worst bloopers in baseball history


- Jose turning down Madonna

- And much, much more

I know the term "Must Listen" is taken very seriously around here, but I truly believe that's what we are working with here. Canseco was also very #mean to Mr. Commenter throughout the interview, which I did not appreciate at all. Just a Big J trying to get some answers. Just a few hours away! #TeamBilly

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