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A Ton Of Embarrassing Things Happened To The Redskins Yesterday, Let's Take a Look

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The old “no I’m not racist, I listen to rap music” excuse. I wonder if he called them Redskins to their faces?

Nevermind that this Ben Shelly fellow is only there because Snyder pays him, and his own people oppose the name. But whatever. Semantics.



The Redskins social media people did this.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.59.14 AM

Grown men painting their faces red and wearing feathers. They probably mean it out of respect, you know, the same way people wear blackface out of respect



Dan Snyder spit:

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder did not stay to see his team lose against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and did something that many would consider very disrespectful. Bertrand Berry, a former Cardinals player and current member of the Arizona’s postgame broadcast team with Alexan Balekian, reported Snyder left University of Phoenix Stadium early in the fourth quarter (Balekian tweeted Berry’s report), before leaving, emphatically spat on the ground inside the stadium as a visible act of disgust. Berry was headed down early in the fourth quarter to begin work on the postgame show. He happened to be on the same elevator as Snyder. The Washington owner was leaving the stadium, as he was unhappy with the ruling on the field that led to an Andre Roberts fumble not being overturned when it appeared he might have gotten his knee down before the ball came out. Snyder was complaining about the call as the elevator went down and then, when he got off the elevator, which is a few feet from the stadium exit, he spat on the floor in disgust. Berry said it was done emphatically as a means of disrespect, a way “to leave his mark” on the stadium on his way out. At the time, Arizona only had a 20-13 lead on the Redskins. Berry called out the behavior, saying the attitude of the owner shows in the attitude of the team. He called Snyder’s behavior “one of the most disrespectful things you can do.” “How can you expect your players to play to the final whistle if you as the owner don’t stay until the end?” Berry asked on the air.



And then there was also a football game. Kirk Cousins threw 3 more INTs, Jim Haslett continued being a terrible defensive coordinator, and Gruden’s play calling is questionable at best. The team doesn’t tackle, the Dline doesn’t do shit, and Brian Orakpo is the franchise player who applies zero pressure to the QB. The one shining light is Ryan Kerrigan who has 6.5 sacks this year, but 4 of those were in one game vs the Jags where the team had 10. So yes, if you do some mental math, in 6 games the Skins have 15 sacks, but 10 were in one game. Is that good?


Orakpo with the game changing inter….oh. Nevermind.


Kai Forbath with the game changing onsi…oh. Nevermind.


Kirk Cousins leading the Skins down the field for the game-winning touchd…oh. Nevermind.

The Redskins are bad. Their ownership is bad. Their coaching is bad. I don’t blame anyone for not going to games. Why go? Why support this bullshit? Why waste your Sunday, your time, your money? They are a tragedy of a team. When FedEx Field is empty in the upcoming weeks, I won’t say we have bad fans. Because we don’t. We have fans that are sick of a decade of losing. Fans that have little by little stopped trusting Dan Snyder. And fans that will finally, finally, finally realize the only way to get through to him is with the wallet. Stop giving him your money. Stop showing up. Fuck Dan Snyder.