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Notre Dame Freshman Dies Pushing Her Friend Out Of The Way Of A Car...Parents Find School Assignment In Her Room Saying Her Bucket List Was "To Save A Life"

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USA TodayA 17-year-old Connecticut teen is inspiring acts of kindness after her death.

On July 2, 2015, Rebecca Townsend attended a fireworks show in Danbury, Conn., with her friend, Ben Arne. As the two were walking back, a vehicle struck them. According to BuzzFeed News, Ben told the family that he remembered Rebecca pushing him out of the way just before the impact. Ben was hospitalized; Rebecca was killed.

The accident is still being investigated, but authorities told NewsTimes the crash involved a 23-year-old Brookfield, Conn. driver.

After Rebecca’s death, the family said they were reminiscing in her bedroom when they discovered a bucket list. The list was assigned to Rebecca — who was slated to attend the University of Notre Dame this fall — during her sophomore year at Immaculate High School in Danbury, Conn. It was returned to her after graduation.

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Rebecca’s sister, Victoria Townsend, told BuzzFeed News that they traveled to Spain together as a family and that Rebecca kissed her boyfriend in the rain.

But it was not until they found the note — all laid out for them on her bed — that they realized she had fulfilled her last wish.

“It was a little sign that she was OK,” Victoria told BuzzFeed News.


Not to start off Tuesday morning with the saddest story ever or anything, but sometimes something is just such a good story that it has to be mentioned. 17 year old Rebecca Townshend not only sacrificing her own life to save her friend, but foreshadowing all of it with a school assignment 2 years earlier. Having a bucket list that includes “saving a life” then doing just that. Incredible. Absolutely tragic and heartbreaking for the parents and friends, of course. But with the #RememberingRebecca hashtag going insanely viral right now inspiring random acts of kindness around the country and donations pouring in to charities and nonprofits, it’s got to be a small consolation at least to realize the awesome legacy she left behind.