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The College Football Playoff Is Here And I'm Spiteful As Fuck

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Well, well, well. We are HERE. 

First off, I'd like to clarify that I'm not spiteful that the games are actually being played today. I literally exist to cover college football (and now NFL, thanks to my guy Deion - shameless plug for The Pro Football Football Show.) So the Playoff is my favorite day of the CFB year. It's why the season is played. 

These games, however? 

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Before you all get into my mentions like the 'AgGieS dIdNt deSerVe sHit', set your hatred of me and A&M aside for a second. 

Unless you are an Ohio State or Notre Dame fan, do you REALLY think they have a shot to beat the goliaths of football on THIS stage?

The unbiased answer should be no, by the way. It's Alabama. It's Clemson. Cased closed. 

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If you want a great CFP Gambling Primer: Jack broke it ALL down.

But one of the best things about working at Barstool is that I don't have to be unbiased. So not only do I think they will win their respective games, I hope Alabama and Clemson molly whop the SHIT out of those other two. 

AND because we are a gambling company (ICYMI), my good friends over at Penn have helped me create my favorite parlay of the year thus far. 

For what it's worth, I received a text yesterday saying that my locks on the book are up 10 units. Take that for what you will.  

Starting out my 2021 gambling season with a SPITE pick! Love to see it. 

And we all know why. I'm not trying to hide it either. Sure, they deserved to be in more than A&M, but who cares. As Dan and Dave said… I can sit back and watch and fire off tweets without having to watch a potential blood bath involving my own team. Roll Tide and I love you, Trevor Lawrence. 



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