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Wake Up With Kyle Schwarber Sending One 450 Against Gerrit Cole

Carl covered this last night, but Kyle Schwarber was non-tendered last night and thats a damn shame. There were a few years where we all thought he was going to be the next big stud in baseball. He was basically off limits in trade talks a few years back and now he's looking for a job. He won't be looking for one long, but it still caught me off guard to see the decision. I mean the monster bombs he hit were awesome. The one on top of the scoreboard in Wrigley, and this one in the NL Wild Card game, they're awesome. The bat drop was perfect and to be honest, that thing still may not have landed. He's one of those guys that when he gets ahold of it, it's an absolute no doubter. Anxious to see where Schwarbo ends up.