Cubs Non Tender Kyle Schwarber (aka They Just Let Him Go)

It was expected coming Into the off-season that there would be major moves, especially with how shitty the Cubs have been in every postseason since winning the World Series. A lot of players have been thrown around in the process. Javy Baez. Kris Bryant. Cone-treras. You name it, they’ve been rumored to go and nearly at the top of this list is Kyle Schwarber. His days as a Cub were numbered the second Theo submitted his papers.

Here’s the fucked up part tho. Schwarber is an above average left fielder. He hits for power from the left side and isn’t half as shitty as you think in the field. He’s got immaculste plate discipline even if it comes at the cost of holes across his swing. World Series champ. Arbitration eligible. Was once rumored to be not even available for a trade for Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman while Gleyber Torres was. Absolutely fucking crazy to think about the arc of his value. Sucks.

As a fan I obviously loved this guy. Many of you - most outsiders - called him overrated and a bunch of other shit. In hindsight it’s just your insecurity that he reminds you of your neighborhood buddy who didn’t amount to Jack shit. But Schwarber did so it feels weird to like him so you hate him. Fuck you. Give Kyle Schwarber a chance. He’s awesome.

End of the day the cubs let him walk with NOTHING in return save for the convenience of not paying his arbitration salary. The high and mighty ricketts family is too broke to pay for Kyle Schwarber. Tell that to your Grandma while she empties her savings account on the 24 grandkids for yet another crazy Christmas. “Where does grandma get all these hundreds?” You wonder while Tom Ricketts sells his World Series ring on EBay to pay for a Persian fireplace. What the fuck is going on?

What’s going on is a complete rebuild. I mean top to bottom rebuild. The Ed Howard (2020 high schooler) era is officially here. Nice thing is we can party our dicks off at reasonable bleacher prices for the next 3 years. Bad news is 81 wins will be a good season. Thank fucking god for that 2016 World Series, a championship Kyle Schwarber played a huge role securing. Just another step towards closing that book for good. It sucks but that’s life. I’ll be cheering for Kyle as long as he has a career in baseball. Fucking shame we don’t have the money to pay a hometown guy like that.

Ps - Albert almora sucks. Complete and utter failure in my mind. I don’t want to waste any more time on him other than to acknowledge him just so you guys don’t think I read over that. Trust me I saw he got non tendered too. I’m fucking delighted, no disrespect.