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Cyber Monday Throwback: General Smitty Almost Gets Assassinated With A Paintball Gun

As we announced earlier, tonight we are doing a Barstool escape room for Cyber Monday (starting at 7 PM EST). Buy merch at 20% off during it and we can keep Brandon Walker, Glenny, Kate and White Sox Dave trapped in that room all night. Would be incredible. 

Anyway, in honor of Cyber Monday, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to one of my favorite Barstool Radio moments ever. Two years ago, the top sellers got to shoot co-workers of their choice with a paintball gun. We had the paint ball range set up and needed someone to test the paintball guns. Who else would do that except our old friend Office Manager Brett?

Well OMB shot the gun right through the "protector" and it almost killed Smitty. Thankfully, he's a general who's been to war before, but it did lead to him storming into the radio room and giving us two all time clips. 

Here's some real live shots from the war zone.

My favorite moment from that clip is right after Smitty charged in and yelled at Dave, there was a moment we all looked at each other and had no idea how to respond. I was holding in my laughter until I saw how everyone else reacted. 

The only actual footage I can find of the shooting is in our year end review video from 2018. Go to 8 minutes and 36 seconds. 

The whole saga also led to an incredibly funny blog from another fallen solider (no pun intended). 

I reached out to Smitty today for a quote remembering the iconic day. 

“At least it helped mentally prepare me for the gunfire in Verdansk” - Smitty

“Smitty couldn’t handle a little whiz by his blockhead while sitting calmly at his office desk?  Boo fucking hoo!  Welcome to the real world!  What a bitch!” - CBS 

Just an incredible saga from start to finish. Tune in to tonight at 7 PM sharp to see if we can get another historic Barstool moment.