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Did Dan Mullen Have the Worst Thanksgiving Plate in America Yesterday?

I gotta tell y'all, I'm not sure Dan Mullen knows he's rich.

The Mullens could have had a private chef come in and make the best damn Thanksgiving meal you've ever seen in your life and nobody would have even had to lift a finger. But instead, the head coach of the Florida Gators is tweeting out pictures of what I'd imagine doesn't look too dissimilar from meals in prisons across the country yesterday.

The lack of definition of what food is where is astounding. There's just ambiguous foods of varying shades of brown floating around. It looks like a KFC Famous Bowl.

And as you can imagine, the fine people of Twitter reacted about as you'd expect.

The worst part is that this clown is going to come into Neyland Stadium next weekend with his belly full of that trash and hang half a hundred on the Vols because he's somehow a damn good football coach. But that does not excuse this atrocity against Thanksgiving.