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Ask And You Shall Receive: More Meatloaf

Earlier today we woke up with a nice recipe from Mary and now I can't stop thinking about Meatloaf. People forget that Bat Out Of Hell is one of the greatest selling albums worldwide OF ALL TIME. His commercial success in The States never landed like it did in Europe or UK and I honestly don't give a fuck. My man Meatloaf had some goddamn pipes on him. Guy just absolutely lets it rip on stage and he does so for like 10 minutes at a time. His music videos became short films. The costumes. The pageantry.  The showmanship. There's a reason he's done 50 million in global sales and it's because he's fucking awesome. 

Do I expect you to celebrate his entire catalogue? 

Absolutely not. 

But you'd be a moron not to open up the playlist on a rainy Friday. Perfect Meatloaf weather.