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Wake Up With A Nice Meatloaf Recipe (VIDEO)

That was lovely. Thank you Mary. I enjoy a good meatloaf and I'll admit that was very insightful. I learned Mary prefers half chuck/half pork to the traditional pork-chuck-veal 1/3 mix. I also learned that a lean sirloin can work as a substitute, but will present challenges because you really need the fat as a flavoring and bonding agent. For turkey lovers, make sure you pull from the dark side of the bird. Once you get those principles mastered, you can start refining your own mix. And of course don't be afraid to talk to your local butcher. 

Also, can't overstate the importance of investing in a good loaf pan. Nonstick is a huge advantage.

Overall just a really nice meatloaf from Mary. 

Thank you Mary. 

Have a nice weekend everybody.