Eddie Van Halen Once Ran Up On Fred Durst In An Armored Assault Vehicle And Put A Gun To His Head Wearing "No Shirt, His Hair in a Samurai Bun on Top of His Head, His Jeans Held Up with a Strand of Rope and Combat Boots "

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(UCR) - Durst and Eddie Van Halen were introduced at a party where a record-label executive suggested they work together. Bennett said Durst responded, “That would be hilarious. The greatest guitar player ever plays with the worst band ever.” But Van Halen responded with, “Fuck it, let’s jam.”

The session went ahead at a house in Beverly Hills, but Van Halen, who’s not a fan of weed, left abruptly after people began smoking it, leaving guitars, amps and other equipment behind. Bennett said afterward the guitarist described the jam as “like being a scholar amongst kindergartners.”

The following day, Van Halen contacted Durst to recover his gear, according to Bennett.The guitarist was still upset about the experience, and after not hearing back from Durst after 24 hours, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Eddie once bought an assault vehicle from a military auction,” Bennett writes. “It has a shine gun mount on the back and is not legal. Eddie drove that assault vehicle through L.A., into Beverly Hills, then parked and left it running on the front lawn of the house Limp Bizkit was rehearsing in. He got out wearing no shirt, his hair in a Samurai bun on top of his head, his jeans held up with a strand of rope and combat boots held together by duct tape. And he had a gun in his hand.”

“That asshole answered the door," Bennett recalled Van Halen explaining. "I put my gun to that stupid fucking red hat of his, and I said, ‘Where’s my shit, motherfucker?’ That fucking guy just turned to one of his employees and starts yelling at him to grab my shit. … Eddie Van Halen stood on the front lawn of a residential home in Beverly Hills in broad daylight, smoking a cigarette while holding a gun on Fred Durst as he went back and forth from the house to the assault vehicle, lugging amps and guitars.”

R.A. had a helluva tribute blog to the recently deceased rock god that you should absolutely read right this very second.

But when you come back from that, just think about how pants-shittingly terrified Fred Durst must have been in this scenario. You think you just pissed off some old man, beyond his years, afraid of a little weed, and you'll never see him again. He calls and calls and you just turn to your boys and share a hearty laugh about Old Man Winter crying in his Cheerios. Fucking WRONG. Next thing you know fucking Rambo is pounding down your door and telling you to turn you stupid small logo red Yankees hat around and pull up your dungarees. Probably still gets shivers down his spine any time he thinks about sparking up a joint. EVH might be lurking in the shadows wielding a machete ready to slit his throat at a moment's notice. Not a chance Fred's had a full night of sleep since this incident. 

Typically when legends pass all the stories that get passed around are extremely positive, reflecting on the highs of an individual's life. Well I can't think of a higher high than this story. Anyone my age grew up thinking Limp Bizkit was cool. I mean Fred Durst got a fucking Method Man feature on a DJ Premier beat, what was 11-year old me supposed to think? Nookie! That's damn near sex to a pre-teen. His hat is backwards! Only Ken Griffey Jr. was more prominently known for the direction of his cap in the '90s. All the while Fred Durst was out here calling himself the frontman of the worst band in the world and getting his mansion taken over like a small nation bordering the Soviet Union. I want my $19.99 back for my purchase of "Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water." Yeah I get it's a creative title about dicks and butts and vaginas, I don't care. I can't have my music collection retroactively associated with someone who got dunked on so viciously in broad daylight like this. 

Rest in peace to a legend who was VERY MUCH about that action.