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Goodbye Season...Goodbye Lindor...Goodbye Championship Window...Goodbye Indians?

Have you ever seen a more disappointing playoff performance in sports history? If you would've told me the Indians offense was going to score 12 runs in two games, I would be already preparing my preview blog vs. the Rays. But the best pitching staff in baseball just gave up 22 runs in two nights, and even though last night's 4 hour and 50 minute game (without the delay) was the longest in baseball history, we also just completed what seems like the shortest postseason run in world history. Tuesdays opening game was over in 3 minutes and we got eliminated on Wednesday. Yes, the Indians played into October...for about an hour. And now we're done. If you want to read a play-by-play of every single event that happened in the game, read Hubbs blog. But I'll summarize it for you: the MLB successfully stifled the Indians likely 10-run 1st inning by calling a rain delay, holding them to only 4. Josh Naylor may be the greatest postseason hitter in the history of the sport. Delino Deshields sucks in center field and cost the Tribe the game. Jose Ramirez is incredible. Frankie Lindor is NOT clutch. When you have a runner on 3rd in a tie game with 0 outs, you need to score them, and we did not. Sandy Alomar pinch hit for Josh Naylor (WHAT?) with a guy who was 5-40 against lefties and it worked. Oh, and Brad Hand sucks. The Indians blew a 9-8 lead by giving up two in the 9th. Season over. Any questions?  

The highlight of the night was two fans getting arrested in the 5th inning for attending a game that wasn't allowed to have fans.

Only in Cleveland. How did these two even get in? Apparently they were sitting in the stands when the police came and got them. 

That's hilarious. But one thing that is not hilarious is the future of this franchise. After an absolutely demoralizing and embarrassing defeat that has sent us into the offseason, you gotta wonder what drastic changes will be coming before we play ball again.

- I mean, was this Lindor's last game? He certainly did his best this year to drive his market down, but I still don't think the Indians can afford him. If we're going to trade him, he'll be worth infinitely more for an entire season than if we deal him at the deadline. 

- Was this Tito Francona's last season? He missed like the last 50 games with a stomach issue…..we've extended him through 2022 and I hope to God he stays because Sandy Alomar was a disaster last night, but he could definitely be done. 

- Was this the last game of the Indians championship window? After 8 straight winning seasons with 5 playoff appearances and 3 division titles, I think it's finally over. I mean, we still have great young starting pitching (except this series) and Jose Ramirez is a stud, but we have some major holes to fill and dealing Lindor will signal a sort of rebuild.

- And finally, was this the last game for the INDIANS? The nickname was said to be reevaluated when the whole Washington Football Team news came out, but there really wasn't time to change it midseason. Now we've got time on our hands. Are the Indians about to be a thing of the past? I know this team and this season is a thing of the past….but like, will the Indians never play another game? Would be sad. Like this playoff performance.