Kick Off Your Week By Watching Every Touchdown Scored In Week 1 So Far

Had to make that last one a little caliente to finish things off properly

How much fucking FUN was that, guys? I know this isn't a typical NFL season and covid can still dick slap everything into an absolute tizzy at any given moment. But everything felt completely normal for the first time in roughly half a year as I lived and died with what happened as a few hundred complete strangers played a kids game because of fantasy teams I drafted, bets I made, and hatred implanted into my heart by years of NFC East divisional games. Even the piped in crowd noise wasn't an issue for me since my simple human brain can be tricked into thinking cartoons are real. So some dude pressing a button that somehow perfectly nailed the essence of the home crowd being upset about a penalty than starting to cheer once they realized the penalty was on the opponent. And the first time I saw the Red Zone Channel's mosaic fully operational, 2020 no longer seemed so bad.


So go ahead and soak up all the tuddies in that videos, especially the ones of your fantasy players since you should treasure every small win you get, and let's dream of doing this another 20 or so times. Here's to Danny Dimes and The Saquon Don putting up a few of their own tonight.

God I love football and I love all of you. The next 6 days are going to take FOREVER.

FYI, Clem Island started the season 4-1 with a chance to go 5-1. All we do is give out compliments and winners*

*Except for the losers