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Who Is The Patrick Mahomes Of The NBA?

With the NFL season kicking off last night and Patrick Mahomes getting back to dominating life, this tweet was thrown out into the universe. As someone who has made it his brand to blog NBA Twitter debate topics, I couldn't sit this one out. Initially I thought it was an easy question, but then like I always do with these sort of things I took some time to think about it and my answer is maybe a little out of the box.

There is no current player that in the 2019-20 season is Pat Mahomes. What I mean by that is we did have a Mahomes comp, it just came in 2015. That person is 2015 Steph Curry. The combination of being young (26), a league MVP, a champion, and absolute must watch TV every time they were on the screen. 

We don't have that in the NBA at the moment. Someone that has those level of achievements that both Mahomes and 2015 Curry have. That means we need to adjust the question a little bit in order to make it work. You sort of have to change it to instead focus more on the being young/dominating who has the potential to be an MVP one day. If you do that, the answer is easy.

It's Luka. Young as shit, completely dominating the NBA to the point of basically putting up 30/10/10 every night. He's shown the ability to come through in the clutch and is talked about like he's a prodigy and for good reason. Sounds a lot like Mahomes right? He's the same sort of franchise building block that plays the most important position for his team. The Mavs traded up to get him just like the Chiefs did with Mahomes. Both teams are run by coaches who have 1 title and are very well respected. I think you'd also agree that watching Luka play classifies as must watch stuff right? I'm pretty sure we all tuned into that Clippers/Mavs series to watch Luka play, and that was a series that including Kawhi goddamn Leonard. 

It's also not a stretch to make the case that an MVP is in Luka's future, and Mahomes didn't win his until his 3rd year anyway. Maybe Luka does that too. 

So that's where I ended up. If I could open it up to previous seasons, it's 2015 Curry. If I'm forced to choose someone in 2020, it's Luka. Agree or disagree?