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Joe Exotic Launching An Underwear Line, Named "Revenge", With His Face On The Crotch

Fox News - As part of Exotic’s Revenge collection, which was made in collaboration with streetwear brand Odaingerous, a new line of underwear will be released in early September, according to TMZ. The line will include several tiger-print options one option that has Joe Exotic’s face printed on the crotch.

The line will be released Sept. 7, which is the two-year anniversary of Joe Exotic’s arrest.

According to TMZ, the original clothing options in the Revenge line that were released in May sold out in only a few hours.

The underwear will come with both men and women’s options, and the boxer-briefs will reportedly be made from 100% cotton, according to the New York Post. The designs will also be placed onto the clothing using a full-color sublimation print that will reportedly ensure that Exotic's image doesn’t fade.

You think THE motherfuckin Tiger King is gonna let that bitch Carol Baskin hog the spotlight

on the day ABC makes the wild choice to feature her on Dancing With The Stars? 

No fuckin way Jose.

I know everybody is curious what these briefs and panties will look like so don't worry, I did the legwork for you. Here you go -


They say everything happens for a reason. And there's no better proof than the long twisted journey Joe Exotic has endured. His dream of becoming a fashion maven might have taken some strange twists and turns along the way. And he might be doing a pretty real bid in prison. But I'll be damned if it all didn't come together. He now has a fashion line so hot you can't even access the website it's sold on.  

God's plan indeed.

p.s. - they said it couldn't be done. But it has. Three dick blogs in three days.

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