The NHL Came Back With A Bang This Weekend

As we mentioned on today's Spittin' Chiclets, the NHL is in mid-season form already. In just the first two days, we got multiple fights, coaches shifting narratives, a goddamn suspension, big goalie stories, a controversial hit, penalty shots in OT (in a game with two of them), a Tim McCracken impresssion, a star with a nuts-dragging dunk on a media stooge, and just the general mayhem you get from 10 consecutive games over two days. 

The big story was Matthew Tkachuk's collision with Mark Scheifele that ended up with the Winnipeg stud in pain on the ice.

That led to words and punches exchanged between Tkachuk and Jets captain Blake Wheeler. I fucking love the panache that Chuk approaches the tilt with. Little extra spin on the tossing of the gear that says, "you think I meant that?". 

Looked more like a fluky result from a routine play than anything malicious. But don't try telling Paul Maurice that. 

Chuk scoffed at the idea that he a "role" in the injury. 

The feisty Flame did skate over to Scheifele as he was helped off the ice and appeared to offer some words to his peer.

Next up, Vancouver's Michael Ferland got his Dr. Hook on after his stick was grabbed by the Minnesota bench in Sunday's nightcap. Luke Kunin obviously grabbed the twig. I watched the clip about 40 times and I'm still not 100% sure that Ryan Hartman grabbed Ferland's stick as well but Ferland did spear him right in the bread box so...

Seems to me if don't grab a guy's stick from the bench, you don't get speared on the bench (or get your teammates speared). Who knew? Kunin was fined $1000 for the unsportsmanlike conduct and Ferland's wallet is 5 dimes lighter for his Errol Flynn impression. 

Chicago's Drake Caggiula hits the prop for "first player to get suspended" after getting popped for one game for this unpenalized hit on Tyler Ennis (he finished the game).

My favorite highlight of the weekend was probably Auston Matthews calling out that asshole Steve Simmons after Simmons completely disregarded the Leaf's right to medical privacy by disclosing his personal medical information (I'm not aware of one other athlete's diagnosis that was reported without confirmation from athlete or agent). 

After he politely and euphemistically told the hack to go fuck himself, he went on to answer his question. This led to Toronto media on Toronto media Twitter assaults.

(This was after Simmons claimed Mirtle wasn't at camp but because Simmons has me blocked, I can't link to his dipshit Tweet.)

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