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BREAKING: Countless Haters Hearts After Jay Glazer Broke That Derrick Henry And The Titans Have Agreed To A 4-Year Deal

Ooooooweeeee that tweet is going to make a lot of people mad. The people that buried Jay Glazer a few months ago because the breaking news he promised on his radio show that had the whole country thirsty as fuck during the beginning of coronaworld (even though he was pretty much Deke Zucker'd by the internet) must be sick to their stomachs that Jay scooped Schefty, Rapsheet, and every other insider who haven't reported any sort of deal once I started writing this blog. The Running Backs Are Worthless analytics truthers already have smoke coming out of their ears and Macbook Pros now that the Titans will be paying a 26-year-old running back with a physical style actual American currency for multiple seasons. And every fan whose team has a star running back with a contract due up in the next few years (this idiot blogger's team included) is scared at what the market is about to look like for a position where guys can fall off a cliff or be replaced seemingly easier than any other position with a mid-round draft pick.

Me? I'm just happy that the J-Train is rolling again. CHOO CHOO!!!

UPDATE: Nice to see everyone's favorite insiders finally woke up to report the deal that Glazer reported an hour earlier with the money numbers that probably break down to $20 guaranteed after Year 1.