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BREAKING: Jay Glazer Just Announced His Legit Big Breaking National News...

Previously in Jay Glazer's Big Breaking National News News:

So after waiting all day for Sunday Wednesday night. Jay Glazer broke the legit big national news on Fox Football Now. I never looked up which channel or medium Fox Football Now is on, so I just waited for it to appear on Twitter

At least partially appeared on Twitter since Jay is still using Twitlonger, which to be honest I thought died once Twitter unveiled the Thread feature.

Breaking: First active NFL player to test positive for the corona virus, Rams C Brian Allen, told me he tested positive for COVID-19 three weeks ago and then again early last week.
Lost all smell and taste to where he couldn’t even smell an ammonia smelling-salt. Has no taste. Then the flu began. Says he’s now finally symptom-free and thankfully expecting the “all clear” this week!
Rams had to close their facility weeks ago to injured players (facilities are only open for medical) but are able to re-open next week @NFLonFOX

Welp, I guess that's certainly considered news since this coronavirus stuff has made the paper once or twice over the last few weeks. Anything that is new news can be considered breaking, sometimes for hours on end because TV people know that red graphic grabs the eye (I think SportsCenter had LeBron to the Lakers breaking graphic on the Bottom Line for a legitimate month). And only a dickhead would make fun of someone for getting the bug. 

But we've already had famous people like Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and Sean Payton come down with the rona, with Tom Hanks obviously being the person that made us say "Oh fuck, this is real" pretty early on, and a cool 2 MILLION people around the world have been confirmed to have gotten it. We should obviously send our well wishes to Brian even though it sounds like he's already well on his way to recovery. It just feels like that was a really weird story to be sitting on and teasing for an entire day. I mean we were talking Odell trades or potentially the NFL season being cancelled before dropping news like Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault.

And The Shockmaster's big debut:

But like I said earlier today, knowledge is power and wielding it to get those views and #clicks is what it's all about. Hence why my headline was so vague. Don't hate the playa, hate the game. I guess we should just be happy it wasn't worse news and hope for maybe some sort of blockbuster trade happens tomorrow to get things cooking again, right? I know Jay is going to take some heat for this because we expect monster stories from insiders, especially when it's teased (I'm still waiting for that Dez Bryant video, Schefty). But I want it on the record that I'm still a Glazer guy. He came up with the Giants, is literally a guy you would want in the foxhole with you since he knows like 10 types of ninjitsu, and has famous friends that do fun shit like this.

But damn if this doesn't hurt the Jay Train's momentum right now. He would've been better off saying Coach Duggs is being looked at by NFL teams in Madden 14 instead of teasing a coronavirus sickness. It's okay though, there's plenty of offseason left. Some would say another year of offseason left. So lets dust ourselves off, hit the phones, and find some sort of massive story to break tomorrow. But thanks for the pageviews! We even made it to number 1 in the Top Stories widget:

Thanks Jay! And get well Brian!