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Jay Glazer Addressed #BigBreakingNationalNewsGate And Said Everything Blew Up Because Something On Twitter Shockingly May Have Been Taken Out Of Context!

For those that missed this entire saga because they weren't on Twitter or have anything else going on in their lives:

I'll start this blog by coming clean and saying I'm a Jay Glazer fan. He got his start covering my beloved Giants, has always seemed like a pretty straight forward guy, has been good to Barstool from what I can tell with his Pardon My Take appearances, and doesn't mind throwing around the word Fuckstick on Twitter.

Which is why last night was so tough for us in the Glazer Hive. The entire sports world was watching and his big breaking national news was met with this response: 

But after hearing Jay's explanation, I think I can get where he's coming from. It's not like Jay was the one who tweeted and teased this news from his own account. He was talking on his show in the middle of the night, someone tweeted out the quote, and everyone on Twitter ran with it because we are all SUPER BORED in quarantine. I still don't know if Fox Football Now is a TV show or a radio show and this is my third blog about the show. 

The bottom line is if this had happened in a world where everyone wasn't locked up in their houses for a month straight with no sports to watch, it wouldn't have been a blip on the radar. But we are all thirsty content bitches now that games are gone, free agency is pretty much stalled in the NFL, and the draft is a week away. Jay pretty much got Deke Zucker'd for an out of context quote that went crazy on Twitter which happens here at Barstool all the time since we are idiots (no disrespect Deke), didn't completely distinguish the flames because he did have a story and a show to promote, then came up short with his report and got dunked on. The only thing Jay may have done wrong was promote it as a big breaking national story in a world where we have become to anything coronavirus related now that we are on the other side of 2 million positive tests or pretty much anything else in 2020 since the year kicked off with World War III whispers and Kobe dying in a helicopter crash.

Which is why I want to put it out there that I'm officially buying Jay Glazer stock from anyone who's selling it. I did it with Bran Stark after Season 6 of Thrones, which turned out pretty good if you consider becoming (SPOILER) the king a good thing. I did it with Daniel Jones the day after last year's draft and he put up a 3000/24/12 stat lines in 12 starts as a rookie. And now I'm buying Jay's stock, which is pretty much Boeing in that it was sky high until this pandemic bullshit and now is tumbling daily. Okay, that may not be the best example to use on Barstool since I could lose my job for even saying the B word. But I stand by it. Jay has been a hell of an #insider that is different than the Big 2 of NFL Insider Twitter in Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport in that he usually picks his spots. But lest we forget that Schefty once teased a Dez Bryant tape that straight up never existed and Ian Rapoport was fired by Barstool for talking shit about Stoolies*.

*It was the wrong Rap, but the fact remains Ian was fired has not been stricken from the record yet.

Last night wasn't fun for those of us on the Jay Train. But as a man much wiser than me said: Tough times don't last, tough NFL Insiders do. And there aren't many people tougher in the scoop game than this crazy son of a bitch.

P.S. When, not if, Jay's reputation fully bounces back, I want to party with him, Michael Strahan, The Rock, and everyone else that got on the #JayTrain during these trying times