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Wake Up With McLovin's Fake ID Scene

Fake ID's are all the rage in the last 24 hours thanks to Zion. But never forget the original best fake ID - McLovin. A name that people just assume was Fogel's actual name. No one ever remember Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogel, no, he's McLovin. Just ask the cops: 

If you start talking to me about how much you like hops in a beer I'm going to fucking leave that conversation. McLovin was a step ahead here getting into craft beer before it picked up. What a great movie. Really one of the best comedies of our era, if not the best. 

Superbad has it all. You have Emma Stone, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill all before they completely blew up and became a bit too big for their parts. You have Bill Hader and Seth Rogen playing the perfect secondary characters as the cops.