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Taking You Into The Weekend With Some Klay Thompson Heat Checks

This morning we woke up with the famous Game 6 Klay performance. Hopefully you clicked that blog and watched that video because it's an all time playoff moment. Well I don't know about you, but watching Klay Thompson shoot is a work of art. One of the most visually pleasing releases you'll ever see. Well wouldn't you know the Warriors would bless us with 9 minutes of Klay Thompson heat checks. What a wonderful treat. Just like with Steph Curry and his heat check video, if you give me 9 minutes of one of the NBA's greatest shooters, I'm watching every single time. Seeing as how we started our day, I figured this was a fitting way to end it and head into the weekend. 

I can't wait for next season with Klay back. The Warriors will probably be a dynasty again after adding a lottery pick as well as a healthy Steph Curry so that's not great, but watching Klay shoot is fun as hell. I always felt like despite all the GS hate over the years Klay has remain unscathed. Mostly because it's impossible to hate Klay Thompson. 

So go ahead, hit play and enjoy one of the best to ever do it. Have a great weekend!