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Wake Up With Game 6 Klay

One of the greatest performances in recent NBA playoff history, you could argue that Klay's Game 6 performance ultimately helped change the NBA as we know it. Does that feel dramatic? Well think about it. The Thunder were up 3-2 in that WCF series coming home for Game 6 to close it out and advance to the Finals. Klay went nuts, made 11 3PM and ultimately forced a Game 7 back in Oakland. They won that Game 7 and the next thing we knew Kevin Durant was on the Warriors and the league was ruined. They won two more titles, everyone hates KD now, and now he and Kyrie are in Brooklyn. Does any of that happen if the Thunder just win Game 6? Probably not right?

If not for his bukakke of threes and the fact that the Thunder only scored 18 points in the fourth quarter of that Game 6, NBA history most likely looks completely different. Crazy that at the time we had no idea what we were watching, we just thought we were witnessing a playoff record in 3PM. Nope, it was the beginning of the league changing forever. Pretty cool.