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Mississippi Neighborhood Has Nightly Sandlot Baseball Game Led By Brian Dozier

This is just awesome to see. I thought this was a really cool story before I even got to the part where a World Series champion and current Major Leaguer was one of the guys out there every night — talk about burying the lede. These kids just go out every night, put their phones away and play baseball in what looks like a pretty cool set-up.

But it's so nice to see athletes doing things like this in their communities now that they've had this extended opportunity to be around their neighbors. Former MLB player Jose Tabata helped a kid in his neighborhood work on his swing, Spurs guard Dejounte Murray played pickup with some kids at his house the other day and now Dozier is out in his cul-de-sac every night coaching kids who just want to go outside and play baseball.

It makes me a little prouder to be an American when I see stuff like this. Maybe we're not as anti-social and isolated as we all thought. Go outside and throw a baseball with somebody this weekend.

This Memorial Day Weekend won't look like it otherwise would have, but it's more important now than ever to get out and be around people and celebrate what makes this country great. Go USA.