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Kid Working On His Swing In the Driveway Draws the Attention of His Neighbor — Former MLB Outfielder José Tabata

Damn it, this is cool. I think at the end of the day, it's this spirit of people coming together that we miss about sports more than anything else.

Ryan Liss was just working on his swing in his driveway since whatever baseball season he was presumably taking part in no longer exists, and then a former Major Leaguer notices him out there putting in work and wants to come over and help. And it's not like it was some career minor leaguer who had a couple weeks in the bigs, either. It was José Tabata, who hit .275 in more than 1,700 plate appearances in the Major Leagues.

The thing I miss most about sports is thinking about things like the trip I had planned with my friends to Atlanta this weekend to go see the Braves and just hang out doing something we enjoy with 40,000 other people who love it, too. So it's nice to see that even if it's just in a driveway somewhere, baseball is still bringing people together.

What an awesome gesture by José to just take some time out of his day to create a memory that kid will remember for the rest of his life. Maybe this quarantine period is doing us all some good, after all.