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Spurs' Dejounte Murray Plays Pickup With Kids Who Knocked On His Door Asking to Play

It is Wholesome Content Wednesday today. Earlier, I shared Tony Hawk's act of kindness for a kid he'd never met and now we have this impromptu pickup game with San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray and some kids who live in his neighborhood.

I feel like if anything good has come out of this entire coronavirus fiasco, it's that most people — maybe not the ones you see on social media being assholes, but most normal, good people — have been a little more kind and inviting to their neighbors than they were before. Who knows if these kids would have ever had the opportunity or idea to just go ask Dejounte Murray to play a game with them were it not for the fact that everybody is at home right now?

And I love that he didn't just go out there and toss the ball at the hoop and let the kids chase it off the rim. You want to play some ball with a pro? Alright, let's run it then. Murray took these kids to school.

It sounds like the NBA is working towards a return to practice facilities and an eventual return to game action, but if Murray ever needs to get some dunks in at home, he's got a few willing defenders down the street now.