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Kid Asks FedEx Guy to Deliver a Skateboard to Tony Hawk, Who Actually Responded and Sent the Kid One of His Own

Dammit, this is so cool. Thanks to the internet, a kid got a message to Tony Hawk in just a few hours and Hawk proceeded to be one of the best guys ever and give that kid the best moment of his life.

Cooper flagged down this FedEx driver to hopefully deliver a skateboard to Hawk, so the driver put out the message on TikTok, just to see if there was any chance somebody with the right contacts might see it. And sure enough, within just a couple hours, Hawk had commented on the original video and said he was going to hook Cooper up.

We need more unproblematic kings like Tony Hawk and this FedEx driver in our society. That delivery guy could have very easily done nothing with that broken skateboard Cooper him, but he instead tried to do some good and ended up doing something really special for him.

Working on the internet can be a drag sometimes, so seeing people use it to be kind to one another is nice to see every now and then. Good for everyone involved here.