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Someone Got the Bargain of the Millennium: $85K for a Dinner Date with Genie Bouchard

In case you don't remember, and I can't imagine what else you have to occupy your time with that's more important that this, about a month ago Canadian tennis ingenue Genie Bouchard produced perhaps the best laid thirst trap of the Covid-19 Era when she Tweeted out how much better quarantining would be if she had a boyfriend. With very, very, extremely predictable and not-at-all unexpected results. 

Well at some point she figured out how to harness the energy being generated from the blue balls of tens of thousands of pent-up, undersexed strangers. She channeled all that heat into an All In Challenge:

Like a sort of sexual alchemy, she took all that attraction for her and turned into gold to feed the needy. She's like a combination of Anna Kournikova, Guy Fieri and Nicolas Flamel

That said, whoever won this auction got the greatest bargain since the white man bought Manhattan for 24 bucks worth of beads and trinkets. The last I looked, the going rate for dinner with a world famous athlete was almost ten times that. Some puppeteer spent 800 grand to eat kale salads with the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Bucs. 

So $85,000 for the chance to sit across from Genie Bouchard, talk to her one-on-one and maybe, possibly charm her into future dates is pretty much robbery. And you get virtue points for it because it's for the best possible cause? Now that's a guy who needs to get into day trading because he's a financial genius.