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A 25-Year-Old Who Plays with Puppets on YouTube Paid $800K to Have Dinner with Tom Brady

Source - The man who dropped $800,000 for that insane Tom Brady All In Challenge prize package is a 25-year-old YouTube superstar who's filthy rich ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Meet Logan Thirtyacre -- an Internet sensation known as "SuperBowserLogan" who's made a fortune creating multiple YouTube channels based on his love of Super Mario video games.

At one point, Logan was reportedly making close to $1 MILLION a month in YouTube revenue!! ...

And now, we've confirmed Logan has already made his payment in full. ...

All of the money raised in the auction will go toward feeding hungry families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By the way, still wondering about Logan's wealth? Here's a video that spells it out for you ... and makes it clear Logan is the kind of guy that loves to spend!

In case you're as unfamiliar with Logan Thirtyacre as I am, this is him and his ladyfriend with Tom Brady's best friend (just as long as Brady isn't down 28-3 in the Super Bowl):

And here is an example of Thirtyacre's work:

A quick perusal of his SuperBowserLogan YouTube channel turns up a LOT of puppets of Super Mario Brothers and puppets who are think are supposed to have developmental disabilities and have pencils embedded in one nostril. If there are other videos where Yoshi takes control of his mind and orders him to go on a killing spree, that's probably behind a paywall someplace, because I couldn't find it. 

OK, that's maybe a little unfair. I don't mean to be out of line, it's just that with the exception of Mr. Rogers and Jim Henson, I've never seen someone communicating through a puppet who didn't give me the impression he was one misfiring synapse away from utterly losing himself in the felt, so to speak. And if Tom Brady were still with the Patriots, I think I'd be doing everything in my power to make sure he's never alone with Puppet Boy here and definitely brings a food taster. 

That said, I'm not even made this guy is making a million dollars a month making infantile puppet YouTubes based on video game cartoon characters. On the contrary, I admire the hell out of him for it. I wouldn't consume his content if my only entertainment alternative was closing my eyes and watching the little greeblies inside my eyelids bouncing around. But obviously someone is. And he's spending that money on some of the exact same things I would if I was insanely rich from feeding mindless nonsense to puerile, underdeveloped brains. Sports cars. Travel. Breaking gluten-free bread alternatives with the GOAT. Anyone who can print money doing something perfectly legal, no matter how stupid, is someone worthy of respect, and he has mine. 

Now I need Brady to do an All In Challenge auction where the winner gets to hear him and Logan Thirtyacre hold a dinner conversation. That I would pay anything for.