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MGK's 2020 Dating Resume: Kate Beckinsale, Sommer Ray, And Now (Allegedly) Megan Fox

The current mood at Barstool right now is centered around the fella above. As Nate put it, he will never give up on love after yesterday's big reveal. 

If that HBO executive isn't doing it for ya, look no further than Machine Gun Kelly. 

It's possible I just don't have a great eye for attractive males, but I can firmly say there is nothing spectacular about MGK's looks. The man is a very talented musician, but let's put that to the side when we consider his accomplishments in the dating space not even halfway through 2020. 

January: Kate Beckinsale:

February: Sommer Ray

Now: Megan Fox

Just an absolutely legendary year for MGK so far…and it's only May. 

Teach me your ways, MGK! Teach me them! Let me become your apprentice. 

P.s. You may not have seen Megan Fox in awhile. If you were wondering she's still a rocket ship.