Machine Gun Kelly Stays Hot In 2020 As He Moves On From Kate Beckinsale With IG Model Sommer Ray

Machine Gun Kelly's 2020 started off with a bang thanks to a rumor of him being involved with Kate Beckinsale:

KFC wrote a great blog about it, which you can read above. 

Thanks to my journalistic research, it appears that MGK and Kate Beckinsale didn't really end up working out. In Kate Beckinsale's words:

SOURCE-“Why don’t you worry about things that are actually happening and donate to the Australian wildfires rather than waste your time on things that are not happening and never were and also please get a f---ing life,"

Well, Kate, if we all didn't waste our time, you probably wouldn't have a career. It's not like people are going to see Underworld because they value their time. 

Anyways, back to the topic of the blog: Machine Gun Kelly is HOT. He's having a hell of 2020. 

If I had to put together my top 10 women across the world, I think I'd put both Sommer Ray and Kate Beckinsale in there. For those of you who don't know Sommer, she's an IG model with 24 million followers:

I'm not sure what the appeal of MGK is, but I guess this is what sex-appeal is for 2 of my top 10 girls in the world.