Ed Oliver Was The Latest NFL Player Arrested This Week, This Time For DWI And Unlawfully Carrying A Weapon

PFT- Bills defensive lineman Ed Oliver was arrested overnight in Houston. According to the Montgomery County Jail, Oliver is being held on one count of driving while intoxicated and one count of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Oliver was pulled over in response to a 911 call by another driver, according to According to the report, Oliver had an open beer between his legs and was brought in for a mandatory blood draw before being taken to jail. A search of his car found a pistol. No drugs were found.

Ed Oliver, come on down! You are the next contestant on NFL players getting arrested for weapons charges!!!


While everyone is debating if the NFL should come back due to the health consequences a bunch of dudes playing a contact sport could cause during a pandemic, I think we have to think about the health consequences it would cause if the NFL doesn't come back. This is the first weekend since states started loosening up their lockdowns and we've already had reports of four players getting thrown in the clink for some sort of weapon charge while at home instead of OTAs. 

I can't even give a pass to Oliver for not being accused of armed robbery or assault (the non Adam Schefter variety) because while the other three guys are being accused of serious charges where they could've hurt someone with a weapon, you don't even have to mean to hurt someone while driving drunk and weaponizing a car that can kill an innocent family because you didn't want to take a fucking Uber. I would wonder how Roger Goodell is going to handle this outbreak of arrests, but I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out how he can weasel out of a charity auction that was won by a blogger.

Nate if you're reading this, I just put on a new pot of coffee. If you can cover the NFL arrests beat for me for the rest of the morning while I take the kids on a walk, I'd appreciate it. I'll be back at 1 to take back the baton.