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The Redskins Get One Back! WR Cody Latimer Arrested And Booked (With An A+ Mugshot) For Like 100 Different Firearm Charges

What a week for former Redskins, current Giants, former Giants, and now current Redskins! 

Honestly, I completely blanked the Skins signed Latimer, most known for nothing at all, early in April. But now he's making a name for himself, getting booked on every charge under the sun. 

Such bad luck for the Redskins PR guy. Latimer probably wasn't even going to make the team, and now PR dude has to spend his beautiful Saturday afternoon doing press releases n shit. Terrible luck because Cody Latimer decided to go wild with his firearm.

So the Skins get one back. We didn't get full credit for the Quinton Dunbar arrest, so credit to Latimer for tying it up with the Gmen. Your move, Clem. 


FIRE mugshot by the way.