Nojel Eastern Announces He's Transferring To Michigan, Purdue Fans Immediately Fill His Mentions With Tweets Roasting His Game

Seems like an innocent post, right? Purdue transfer decides to go to Michigan. Sure it might not sit well, but we've seen a Big 10 player transfer to a Big 10 school a bunch of time. In fact Spike Albrecht went from Michigan to Purdue. We saw Andrew Dakich go from Michigan to Ohio State. Max Bielfeldt went from Michigan to Indiana. My point is this happens all the time.

But it also doesn't happen less than 24 hours after the former head coach is on a radio station and pretty much saying Eastern took the easy way out instead of competing for a job. I talked about that here yesterday: 

But this is all about fans. You know who don't like when someone transfers to another Big 10 school? Purdue fans. Look at some of these responses: 

And on and on we go. The shooting ones are actually funny - because Phillip Seymour Hoffman yelling raindrops never gets old. Also Nojel Eastern can't shoot. That's just a fact. He shot under 50% from the FT line 2 of 3 years. So at least they are relevant to his game. The worst responses are the 'how much they pay u' and tagging the NCAA to investigate. Uhh, it's called college athletics people. Every team tampers. Every team 'pays.' It's the worst response a fan can have. 

Can't say I'm surprised. I'm not even limiting this to just Purdue fans, but Purdue fans take EVERYTHING as a slight. They are so desperate to make a Final Four and be 'respected' that they'll find anything to get pissed off about. It's actually hilarious. They are a rabid ass fan base, I'll give them that. But the tweets got so over the top, a former Purdue star had to tweet about it: 

The fact is Eastern is a great defensive player. I don't know how he gets a waiver this year so he'll sit a year out for Michigan. It's a bit confusing as to why Howard is taking him in, except he wants an upperclassmen body guaranteed in a couple of years. I said before but Eastern was likely going to see a reduction in minutes with younger guys coming on last year. 

Really I just hope this is leading to a Big 10 coaching fight. We had Fran vs Underwood last year, now I hope we get even more. 

Give me coaches screaming at each other. Give me the comments. Matt Painter vs Juwan Howard would be an A+ fight too.