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'You're Not A Boilermaker If You Walk Out The Door In The End' - Matt Painter Is Just Publicly Blasting Guys For Transferring From Purdue

Alright so this is making waves in college basketball Twitter right now. Painter went on Dakich's radio show and really went in on Matt Haarms and Nojel Eastern for transferring from Purdue this offseason. The one thing about Painter that everyone who knows him will say he'll speak his mind. It's a pro for sure. There's something about not having to deal with the bullshit. 

That said, uhh what the fuck? This is part of the game, man. Guys transfer. It happens everywhere. Sitting there and saying you're not a Boilermaker if you transfer is just a bad look. What kid wants to hear that - specifically those that you're trying to recruit now. Sure you can spin it and say 'well we want guys that will be here forever and recruit a certain type of kid.' But people change. Roles change. Shit happens. 

We're talking about Matt Haarms and Nojel Eastern. Both are guys that played for Purdue - like actually played. But Haarms was passed on the depth chart last year. Eastern is the weirder one, but again there are better guards on the roster. Also let's not forget that Haarms graduated! He literally did what he was required to do and is allowed to move on. Saying he's not a Boilermaker? Come on. 

I don't even disagree about the pro part! Like yeah dudes aren't good enough to be professionals. That's not exactly shocking. Shit, Nojel Eastern has a jumper that makes Tony Allen look like Steph Curry. He's a defensive guard that can create havoc and get in the lane. He's not a pro. 

A lot of this also has to go with the movement to letting kids transfer one time without having to sit out. A lot of coaches are complaining about it because they have to do more work. I don't give a shit honestly. If the NCAA is going to try and say they are 'student-athletes' they should be able to transfer one time without a penalty. Coaches get paid millions to deal with problems like this. Deal with it. 

But the whole 'you're not a Boilermaker' just comes off as a dude pissed he lost two rotational players. I'm all for coaches speaking their mind, I appreciate Painter doing that. Just know that this is what it sounds like and really what the message is.