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Power Moves Only - Brad Underwood Autographs Fran McCaffrey's Face On Senior Night

Big senior night in Champaign with my Illini locking up the infamous Double Bye in the Big Ten tourney this week. Stand alone 4th place never felt so good and all that bullshit but really the big story of the night is Brad Underwood teabagging Fran McCaffrey's bighead with a magic marker. We talk a lot at Barstool Chicago about being better than other people and I honestly couldn't ask for a better ambassador of that message than Coach Underwood. You look up "wanting it" in the dictionary and you're going to find the page ripped out because Brad Underwood stole it because that's how bad he fucking wants it. Sometimes when I'm alone I like to pretend he's screaming in my face and demanding more from me on the blog and in life. Maybe that makes me a crazy person but maybe that's okay. I'll be his little bitch any day of the week and twice on whatever day wants. I'm on standby in an orange bike helmet re-calibrating my knee brace and mentally preparing myself for an unlimited amount of charges. Goddamn do I love this man.